The market is not only made up of large businesses, in AVA we believe that even the least developed companies need to access all those business development tools which are usual in big companies. 


We offer:

-Digital Marketing

-Brand Restyling






The development of a new idea to stay on top is not trivial. It requires a continuous improvement process that requires resources and even more time to be carried out.


AVA provides you with its technical know-how deriving from the experience of our youngest and freshest engineers, in the field of design, optimization and supply-chain.



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A good company does not only think about the market and turnover, it also thinks about the development of the internal and wellness infrastructures of all those who make the business dream possible every day.

We dedicate an entire team to you who will be as attentive to the design of your common areas as to your data sharing network.

Small is better...maybe



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Commitment and constancy are the cornerstones that have allowed AVA to take hold and develop in the business realities of our lands.

We look forward to getting involved with you for what will be a growth of your company and our young team.

Thanks to the trust that has been given to us and that I hope you will give us, we have established solid relationships over time.

antonio VAIRO

I could write many beautiful sentences but I will simply tell the truth. We are all engineering and marketing students, we do this because we believe we can offer quality services at competitive prices.

By choosing us, you choose to believe in "different thought".


With AVA we want to bring a breath of fresh air and renewal in an environment that perhaps a little too often is dominated by "we have always done it this way and it has always been OK", this is not our policy.



The BD will develop your project idea with you, bringing in it its typical "think aside" approach.

The YD will take care of your marketing and everything related to the internal management of the company, using methodologies typical of design thinking.

The GD is responsible for go to market and managing all the necessary infrastructures for a product typical of B2B.


"Thanks to AVA we redisigned our WebSite giving it a new style and market meaning"

"AVA helped us in creating our last catalogue and redisegn our WebPage  with a different eye on market"

Get a place into our HallOfFame, we'd be proud !


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